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Robotics Classroom Kit - Studica Robotics 70405


From Competition to Classroom, the Studica Robotics Classroom Kit is ideal for classroom Robotics programs.  This kit will allow for instruction on Robotics Design, CAD, Prototyping, Building, and Programming.  Reach more students with important Curriculum Correlations to Coding, Manufacturing, Tech Design, and Engineering while teaching robotics in the classroom with the Studica Robotics Classroom Kit.

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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

The Studica Robotics Classroom Kit features an excellent slection of parts from the Studica robotics platform, allowing for multi faceted instruction to take place in the classroom.

Included in the kit:

  1. VMX Robotics Controller (Part # 70176)

    1. The Studica Robotics VMX Robotics Controller can be used an a Robot Control System or Vision/Motion processor, supporting Java and C++.  The controller integrates the navX-IMU, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3 prots and built-in Wifi/Bluetooth.

    2. Highly-integrated, inexpensive, WiFi-enabled, multi-core Linux computing platform with lots of USB IO for expansion.

    3. 32-bit ARM Microcontrollers incorporating sophisticated I/O and digital communications engines

    4. Low-cost MEMs Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

    5. Powerful software providing rich libraries and tools for developing robot software in C++, Java

    6. CAN bus for high-speed, real-time communication between devices

  2. Titan Quad Motor Controller (Part # 70152)

    • The Studica Robotics Titan Quad Motor Controller is a powerful, 4-channel CAN-based motor controller with a built-in fuse-box (for DC motors up to 20A).

  3. VMX and Titan wire and cable packs

  4. U-Channel

  5. Low Profile U-Channel

  6. Flat Beams

  7. Square Beams

  8. Flats

  9. Brackets

  10. Mounts for Motors and Servos

  11. Axles

  12. Rack & Pinion

  13. Standoffs

  14. Assortment of Screws and Nuts

  15. Gears

  16. Pulleys 

  17. Belts

  18. Wheels

  19. Bushings

  20. Bearings

  21. Couplings

  22. Collars

  23. Spacers

  24. High-resolution encoders

  25. Servos

  26. 12V 3000 mAh NiMH Battery pack and Charger

  27. Tools

  28. Storage Bin


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