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Micro:bit Starter Kit - ELECFREAKS EF08180


ElecFreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit is designed for people who is at the door step of learning electric circuit and programming knowledge. The kit has provided some basic electronic components like LED, button, buzzer, temperature sensor, steering engine and motor etc. Micro:bit Starter Kit can help you enter a wonderful of electronic world.

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Note: Micro:bit board and batteries are not included.


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ELECFREAKS BBC micro bit Starter Kit is designed for children who are beginning to learn the electric circuit and programming knowledge. Students can use these micro:bit basic DIY kits to create or complete more experiments, such as traffic lights, using photocell to control micro:bit screen or LED.







Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter

Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter is a breadboard pinboard based on Micro:bit. It can be directly plugged into the breadboard. Through this adapter, you can start various DIY creations on Mico:bit Breadboard.





A servo is a kind of driver for position (180 angles) servo. It is a set of automatic control systems, which consists of a DC motor, reduction gear unit, potentiometer, and control circuit. It can define rotating the angle of the output shaft by sending signals.




Rainbow LED Ring

8 RGB Rainbow LED Ring is based on ws2812b bead. Its biggest characteristic is single IO control and infinite cascade connection.It has advantages of low voltage drive, energy-saving, and environmental protection, wide scattering angle, good consistency, ultra-long life, etc. To integrate the control circuit onto LED, the circuit will become more simple, easier to install, and have a smaller volume.





A motor is a kind of device that can transfer electric energy into kinetic energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. The motor has a lot of categories. In our experiment, the motor we use is a DC motor. When we supply DC voltage to the two terminals of the motor, it will rotate. The higher the voltage, the faster it rotates.





LED has wide applications. Most signal lights we saw in our daily life use LED as their major light source.LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. It is a kind of semiconductor diode and can convert electricity into light(When the current passes, it will light on)





The buzzer is a kind of electronic sound receiver with an integrated structure. It is widely used as a voice device in electronic products like computers, printers, copying machines, alarm apparatus, electronic toys, auto electronic devices, telephones, etc.





Trimpot is a kind of adjustable electronic component. It contains a resistor and a rotary or sliding system. Most of the time, it works as a voltage divider. The contact sport of the resistor can be changed by the rotary or the sliding system.





Photocell is a kind of special resistor based on the internal photoelectric effect. Its value of resistance is opposite to the brightness of the light, the brighter the light is, the lower the value of the resistance will be. Usually, photocell is the core component of a photoswitch.




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