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T-HMI: ESP32-S3 HMI with resistive touch 2.8inch ST7789V IPS 240x320 TFT LCD - LILYGO® H605


T-HMI is a touch display screen equipped with ESP32-S3 chip. The screen uses a 2.8-inch ST7789 LCD and is equipped with a resistive screen stylus/pen. It has 16MB onboard Flash and 8MB PSram. It can be powered via the USB-C interface, 5V DC seat or battery connector.


T-HMI Features

In addition to the aforementioned features, 3 side connections expose GPIOs 15 and 16, 17 and 18, 43 and 44. Perfect for connecting actuator peripherals. In the power input we have 3 options, being USB-C, input for a 2-pin 5VDC power connector and the same connector for the battery. It has a connector for an external antenna, to improve the quality of the WiFi signal. At the top there are 3 buttons (in addition to the SD card), one for boot mode, one for reset and one for general use, configured with the standard firmware to switch screens.


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