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Aluminium Alloy Case (H) for Raspberry Pi 5, With Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan - - Waveshare 26411


Upgrade your Raspberry Pi 5 experience with superior heat dissipation and stability. This durable aluminium alloy case features a temperature-controlled blower fan and heatsink for fast cooling, ensuring your Pi 5 performs flawlessly, even under heavy loads.

NOTE: Raspberry Pi board is not included!



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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

Aluminium Alloy Case for Raspberry Pi 5

Adopts Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan, Faster heat dissipation, more durable


* for reference only, the Raspberry Pi 5 is NOT included


Based On Raspberry Pi 5

Aluminium Alloy Case, with Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan and aluminium heatsink for better heat dissipation


More Details

Adopts Advanced metal cutting Processing, with Precise Openings For Sorts Of Connectors, more convenient for wiring

PI5-CASE-H-details-5.jpg PI5-CASE-H-details-7.jpg


Fast heat dissipation for stable operation

The fins work together with the cooling fan to accelerate heat dissipation, ensuring stable operation of the Raspberry Pi 5




How to Install

The case consists of upper and lower cover plates, with thermal tapes,
easy to install


NOTE: for reference only, the Raspberry Pi 5 is NOT included.
if you need to install peripherals such as a camera and DSI display, please connect the peripheral cables first before installing the upper plate.




Package Content

Weight: 0.108 kg

  1. Aluminium Alloy lower plate x1

  2. Aluminium Alloy upper plate x1

  3. Cooling fan x1

  4. Screwdriver x1

  5. L-form hex socket spanner x1

  6. Thermal tape 4PCS x1

  7. Screws pack x1


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