DJI Tello GameSir T1d Controller


This new controller from Gamesir was created to be perfectly compatible with RyzeTello. The Gamesir T1D comes with two high-precision 3D joysticks and a variety of buttons to make your flight easier. Latency is reduced through Gamesir's proprietary GCM connection.

The controller is compatible with Apple and Android (iOS7 or higher and Android 4.0 and higher respectively).


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Many manufacturer companies provide beneficial drones, but the Ryze Tello RC Drone powered by DJI has its own place in the market, and to control that you need an exceptional remote controller. If you have a Ryze Tello, and you are in search of the best remote controller, you are at the right place to get the answer.

Out of the many remote controllers available in the market, the best joystick to control your DJI Ryze Tello Drone with is the Game Sir T1D. It has made a solid place for itself in the market. The remote controller has been loved and appreciated by the end users due to its great features and capabilities. It has been specifically designed to control the Tello RC Drone.

You will be glad to find that this remote controller is suitable for both Android and iPhone (iOS). The controller can change your cell phone into an unmanned aerial vehicle controller.

The GameSir T1D provides you with excellent flying characteristics, and precise control of the Tello that make your flying experience really fun. This article contains all the in-depth knowledge that will help you choose this remote controller over others.

GameSir T1D Review: Features

GameSir T1D is very precise and flexible due to its ergonomic design. You will find your Ryze Tello to be super responsive to the GameSir T1D. It is capable of converting your cell phone into an unmanned aerial vehicle controller with touch feeling, convenient operation, light, luxurious, and flowing experience. You can instantly enjoy flying without waiting by connecting the control handle at high speed via GameSir Connection Mode (GCM).

This does not require pairing or calibration. Simply connect your smartphone on top of the GameSir T1D in order to gain control of your Tello drone immediately. Because of the flexibility and ease of use that this controller provides, you can even operate your drone without any disturbances.

Gamesir T1D Pairing with Android and iOS Devices

As mentioned above, the Tello app will do the work of connecting to any iOS or Android device. You can download the app from either iTunes (for iOS), or Play Store (for Android). To pair it with any device, follow the instructions below:

Pairing with iOS Devices

  • Install Tello app from iTunes, and if it is already installed on your iOS device, make sure you have the updated or latest version. In order to update to the current version, follow these steps:

Tello settings > Advanced settings > Firmware version > Update

  • Turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the gamepad of the controller, simultaneously press Y key and power button on your GameSir for about 2 seconds. The indicator will start flashing once it is on.
  • GameSir will appear within your Bluetooth controller setting of the Tello app.
  • Connect your device by clicking the GameSir-Games.
  • If it has been connected properly, the indictor will start flashing brightly.
  • In case the connection gets failed during the procedure, turn off the gamepad, and start again.

Pairing with Android Devices

  • Install Tello application from Play Store, and if it is already installed on your Android device, make sure you have the updated or latest version. To update to current version, follow these steps:

Tello > Setting > Advanced settings > Firmware version > Update

  • Turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Press either key A or B along with power button of gamepad for about 2 seconds to turn on the gamepad.
  • Now, within Bluetooth controller setting of the Tello App, you will see a category named ‘GameSir-Model Name GCM’.
  • Connect to your device by clicking on ‘GameSir-Games’.
  • The indicator lights up brightly, showing that your device has been connected, and is ready to be used.
  • Just in case this does not work, or if you experience connectivity issues, repeat the steps after turning off the gamepad.



  • Name: GameSir T1d Controller
  • Support platform: ios7.0+, Android 4.0+
  • BT Version: BLE4.0
  • Charging voltage: 3.7v-5.2v
  • Working temperature: 0°C-40°C
  • Working humidity: 20-80 %
  • Working distance: 7m
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh

Package information:

  • Package Size: 19*13.6*8cm / 7.5*5.4*3.1in
  • Package weight: 479g / 1.1lb

List of packages:

  • 1 * GameSir T1d Controller for DJI Tello
  • 1 * Manual

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