6V Electric Push Rod 128N - Stroke 10mm


With 128N it is capable of lifting an object weighing 13Kg. The maximum displacement you can get is 10mm.


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This time DFRobot brings you an electric push rod. Despite a mini body, it comes with a thrust of up to 128N and a stroke of 10mm when powered by a voltage of 6V.

With simple wiring, this small but practical 6V electric push rod of ultra-short-stroke can be used for applications like access control, DIY lifting projects, electric telescopic poles, etc.


6V Electric Push Rod 10mm-128N


  1. Ultra short stroke

  2. Large thrust



  1. Rated voltage: 6V

  2. Stroke: 10mm

  3. Thrust: 128N

  4. Launch Speed: 7mm/s

  5. Waterproof Rating: IP54

  6. Frequency: 10%


Shipping List

  1. 6V Electric Push Rod 10mm-128N x1


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