Reed Switch Module (3V3~5V)


Reed switch is an abbreviation of the dry reed contacts passive electronic switching elements and has the advantages of simple structure, small size and ease of control, its shell is a sealed glass tube, the tubes are installed two iron elastic reed plate, but also filling called rhodium metal inert gas.


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In peacetime, the glass tube in the two reeds made of special materials is separated. When a magnetic substance is close to the glass tube, in the role of the magnetic field lines, the pipe within the two reeds are magnetized to attract each other in contact, and the reed will suck together so that the junction point of the connected circuit communication.


After the disappearance of the outer magnetic reed because of their flexibility and separation, the line is disconnected. Therefore, as use of the magnetic field signals to control the line switching device, the reed tube can be used as a sensor for counting the number, spacing, etc. (in the security system is mainly used for the production of Menci, magnetic window), and also are widely used in a variety of communication devices. In practical use, usually with a permanent magnet control, whether two metal sheet is turned or not, it is also referred to as 'magnetron'.


  • Working power supply: dc 3.3v~5v
  • The output format: digital switching outputs ( 0 and 1 )
  • A fixed bolt hole for easy installation
  • Pcb size: 32cm x 14cm
  • Using a wide voltage lm393 comparator
  • The comparator output signal is clean, has good waveform, driving ability, and more than 15m 

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