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Ultra-mini Digital Amplifier Board
  • Ultra-mini Digital Amplifier Board
  • Ultra-mini Digital Amplifier Board
  • Ultra-mini Digital Amplifier Board

Mini Audio Amplifier Board - PAM8403

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This ultra-mini amplifier board has a new high-efficient digital amplifier effect. You can obtain 6W(3Wx 2)output power with only 5V input. Its super slim design enables you to put it in small plastic box and narrow gaps of digital devices. You can DIY a little outlay speaker for your mobile phone, MP3/4 and laptop. So, give full play to your creativity and start to DIY your own sound equipment now!

Technical parameter:

External dimension: 24 x 15.5mm (length x width)

Operating voltage: 3.6V~5.5V

Output power: 6W(3W x 2,4Ω)




  1. Imported PAM8403 efficient digital amplifier chip, built-in special output processing circuit, traditional LC net has been cancelled to obtain lower EMI.
  2. Achieve great output power at low voltages; super energy saving.
  3. Built in standby electronic switch, HG buffer amplifier and short-circuit protection.


  1. Do not reverse the battery. The supply voltage should not exceed 5.5V, or the IC will be damaged.
  2. The chip has a HG buffer. You should not alter the parameter of any component on the board; otherwise the IC will be damaged by unmatched parameter.
  3. You’d better select wire rod with shielding function which can help to resist interference and remove the current sound of clutters.
  4. The output mode is cmos lamp TTL drive. You should not chain together the negative poles of right and left speakers. It means that the 4 wires should be completely independent and no one is connected with each another.