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ABS NATURE 3D 1Kg 1.75mm


NATURE ABS is affordable, reliable and easy-to-use, suitable for all major 3D printers. Produced with high-quality raw materials, our product has been improved in toughness and fluidity, owing to adjustments of process and formulation.

ABS, the first choice of engineering plastics for FDM 3D printing, has good characteristics of hot melting, tenacity and impact strength.

Extruder temperature - 220~240℃
Platform temperature - 100~110℃
Print speed - 40~60mm/s
Cooling fan - on
Filament diameter - 1.75

Select the product color from 5 available colors:

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It is widely used in industrial applications, covering almost all daily necessities, engineering products and some mechanical products. It is a general-purpose material in the fields of automobiles, household appliances, electronic consumer goods, etc. With the heat deflection temperature of 90℃, it still can exhibit certain mechanical properties when used in low-temperature environment. It is an ideal choice for use in models, prototypes, sample preparation, tools and end-use parts.

Note: The filament is faithful to the images, however the coils that come with the ABS are different in appearance and are the same as the image below:

Abs def.jpg


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