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Metal Mecanum Wheel with Motor Shaft Coupling (65mm) - Left


These Mecanum wheels are the ideal choice for your smart robot car. The Mecanum wheel is an omnidirectional wheel design for a land-based vehicle to move in any direction, such as go straight, obliquely, horizontally, S-line, and rotate at any angle with zero radius. With pretty low noise, this kind of wheel can move stably and flexibly in operation. Since the wheel is based on omnidirectional drive technology, users can freely control their robot car even in tight space.

Different from the ordinary Mecanum wheel, this wheel, with better quality and texture, is equipped with metal exterior structure and has its own coupling matching with various motor shafts, which makes it quite easy to install. This Mecanum wheel has a diameter of 65mm and is composed of 9 small rollers that are made of plastic and coated with quality and high-friction silicone rubber, which are rugged and impact-resistant.


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Metal Mecanum Wheel-Left (65mm)



  • Diameter: 65mm (2.56”)
  • Thickness: 43mm (Its coupling occupies 14mm)
  • Number of Rollers: 9
  • Angle: 45°
  • Load Capacity: 5kg
  • Material: Metal structure + plastic rollers

Shipping List

  • Metal Mecanum Wheel (65mm) - Left x1

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