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LM2577 Step-Up
  • LM2577 Step-Up
  • LM2577 Step-Up
  • LM2577 Step-Up
  • LM2577 Step-Up
  • LM2577 Step-Up

XL6009 Step Up - Adjustable

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This is a DC-DC boost converter step-up power module with high-precision potentiometer.


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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

It uses XL6009E1 with the second generation of high-frequency switching technology as core chip, so that its performance is much higher than the first-generation technology LM2577. With high switching frequency of 400KHz, even small-capacity filter capacitors can bring with very nice results, while the ripple is less and the size is smaller.


  • Input voltage range: 3~32Vdc (the best working voltage range is 5~32Vdc)
  • Output voltage range: 5~35Vdc
  • With built-in 4A MOSFET switch tube, the efficiency can reach up to 94%
  • Ultra-high switching frequency up to 400KH. A small-capacity filter capacitor can achieve very good results, while with smaller ripple and size.
  • Dimensions: L * W * H= 43mm x 21mm x 14mm

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