Pen w/  Flux for clean welding RS251-3637
  • Pen w/  Flux for clean welding RS251-3637

Pen w/ Flux for clean welding RS251-3637

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Want to make clean and uniform welding? We have the perfect solution!


Precision application pens designed for the service and repair engineer to apply small quantities of cleaners, oils and coatings or where application in confined areas is required. Ideal for spot cleaning, repair and service of communication equipment, electrical and electronic control equipment, office equipment etc. All the available packs of 12 ml 5 pens. 


Clear protective coating: the conformal coating to protect against environment PCBs attack after repair. 


Connector lubricant: the contact lubricant for micro-switches, relays, edge connectors, Especially suitable for gold contacts, and resists attack Suppresses arcing. 


Mechanical oil: clear oil containing molybdenum and good mechanical lubrication. . Resists drain When moving parts at rest 


Surface mount flux: the quick-drying, mildly activated (RMA type) in clean flux for removing components and making quick repairs.


Cleaning solvent: removes greases, oils, residues and conformal flux coatings, fast drying leaving a clean dry surface.


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