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JST Cable kit Male-Female - 10cm


The RCY connector is a compact, 2.5 mm
pitch wire-to-wire connector for use with
a variety of circuits, from signal circuits to
power supply circuits, in electrical equipment
which is becoming more and more compact.
The employment of a free spring contact
method ensures stable contact performance,
and superb working efficiency of insertion
and removal.


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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

● Use of a free spring contact for superb creep
The contact section features a free spring contact
construction, which effectively minimizes stress (creep)
caused by repeated insertion and removal at high
temperatures. Connector insertion and removal is also
smooth, ensuring stable connection performance.

● Compact design
The RCY connector is designed to be compact. When mated,
its overall length is just 23.3 mm and its thickness is 4.0 mm.
● Housing lock
Because a lock is provided inside the housing, external force
is not applied to the lock.

• Current rating: 3 A AC/DC
• Voltage rating: 250 V AC/DC
• Temperature range: -25℃ to +85℃
( including temperature rise in applying
electrical current)
• Contact resistance: Initial value/ 10 mΩ max.
After environmental tests/ 20 mΩ max.
• Insulation resistance: 500 MΩ min
• Withstanding voltage: 1,500 VAC/minute
• Applicable wire: AWG #28 to #22
0.08 to 0.33 mm2
* In using the products, refer to "Handling Precautions for Terminals
and Connectors" described on our website (Technical documents
of Product information page).
* RoHS2 compliance
* Dimensional unit: mm
* Contact JST for details.
Note: The current rating varies depending on the wire size used
in each connector.
The table below lists the current rating as a function of
the wire size.



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