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Use via USB connection, no power supply required.

Very easy installation.

Records DC signals or delays the signal period for a long time.


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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.


  • record DC signals or slow-moving signals over very long periods
  • the measurements are automatically stored on your hard disk for further processing
  • no power supply is necessary thanks to the USB connection and installation is easy and straightforward
  • signals are instantly displayed on the PC screen using an analogue or DVM display
  • USB cable included
  • PC-LAB2000 Software included
  • comes with enclosure


  • hardware:
    • USB connected and powered
    • four DC coupled input channels
    • input resistance: 1Mohm
    • maximum samples per second: 100
    • four input ranges: 3V / 6V / 15V and 30V
    • sensitivity: 10mV
    • accuracy: ± 3% of full scale
    • maximum input: 30Vdc
    • power and recording/diagnostic LED
  • software:
    • analogue trace or digital DVM readout
    • 4 channels record simultaneously
    • minimum / maximum sample hold function for DVM
    • from 1 sec to 1000 sec per division
    • storage and recall of screens (full colour) or data
    • automatic recording option for long recordings
    • on screen markers for time and voltage
    • DLL included for your own developments
  • system requirements:
    • PC, running Win98SE or higher (does not work on WinNT or Win95)
    • free USB port
    • mouse
    • CD-rom player

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