RGB LED Strip Driver Module Shield for Arduino / STM32


RGB LED Ribbon Controller P9813 is a small board capable of controlling 5 meter RGB LED ribbon using only two digital pins. Controller prepared to work with microcontrollers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


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  • Based on a P9813; Can be cascaded all lights of the drive module
  • Just two signal lines and two power cords can control five meters long full-color (RGB) light bar
  • Can also be cascaded more drive modules to control more light bar
  • Just set the program of red, green and blue corresponding to that of the corresponding channel
  • Widely used in guardrail control, room decor and other occasions
  • Suitable for 5V MCU system, Arduino UNO R3 and its compatible motherboard


  • Power supply of controlling interface for MCU is 4.5~5.5VDC
  • External power supply is 12VDC
  • Cascadable
  • Can drive 5 meters of RGB LED Strip (72W Max)
  • 4x M2 screws positioning holes for easy installation


Code Example for Arduino


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