PA (Nylon) FLASHFORGE High Resistance 500gr 1.75mm - Transparente


This is a 0.5kg 1.75mm roll of PA Nylon filament as made by Flashforge. This is an incredibly hardy type of Nylon, making it perfect for intense and specific engineering projects. PA nylon has incredibly strong inter-layer adhesion, ensuring that your prints come out without cracks and splits, while still being very flexible when printed with thin walls.

Recommended settings:

  • Printing Temperature: 220-260°C
  • Printing Speed: 60-90mm/s
  • Heated Bed Temperature: 80-110°C

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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.


  • 1. Good mechanical strength, impact resistance is 10 times higher than normal filament and elongation at break is 50 times higher than normal filament.
  • 2. It has good corrosion resistance and is resistant to many organic solvents.
  • 3. Good abrasive resistance!
  • 4. Good aging resistance!  



  • 1. High transparency and 90% light transmission
  • 2. High brightness
  • 3. Temperature resistance suitable for long-term use at 100 ℃
  • 4. Low error rate, standard deviation of diameter ≤0.05mm
  • 5. Wide printing range enabling smooth printing between 220 ~ 260 ℃
  • 6. There is no need to use a heating plate when printing on six small models to improve applicability to printers.  



  • 1. Engineering samples can be used for printing models that require special demand as conditions of use, etc.
  • 2. Can be used for printing transparent, durable household appliances such as hangers, vases, lamp shades, etc.  



  • 1. Single filament diameter at the moment: 1.75mm type, filament diameter range: 1.70 ~ 1.80mm
  • 2. Recommended printing temperature: 220 ~ 260 ℃.
  • 3. Recommended printing temperature range when printing mini or thin-walled models: 210 ~ 240 ℃. Recommended printing temperature range for printing large models: 240 ~ 250 ℃.
  • 4. Printing speed: 60 ~ 90mm / s.
  • 5. Pressure plate temperature: When printing on models with small surface, the pressure plate (platform) does not need to be heated. For models with large bottom surfaces, the pressure plate should be heated up to 80 ~ 110..
  • 6. Substrate: required!
  • 7. We recommend to use perforated plate instead of heat resistant adhesive tape in order to ensure the integrity and beautiful appearance of printed models and to reduce the possibility of folding.



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