120Pcs M3 Male Female Brass Hex Nut Spacing Screw Brass Threaded Pillar PCB Motherboard Standoff Spacer Assortment Kit parafusos


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120PCS M3 Brass Spacer Standoffs Nut Screws Assortment Kit

Dimension: M3 Metric

Material: Brass, Stainless Steel

  • 10x 6mm M3 F-F
  • 10x 10mm M3 F-F
  • 10x 15mm M3 F-F
  • 10x 20mm M3 F-F
  • 10x 6+6mm M3 F-M
  • 10x 10+6mm M3 F-M
  • 10x 15+6mm M3 F-M
  • 10x 20+6mm M3 F-M
  • 20x M3x6mm Screws
  • 20x M3 Nuts

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