SmartPhone Controlled Switch
  • SmartPhone Controlled Switch
  • SmartPhone Controlled Switch
  • SmartPhone Controlled Switch

SmartPhone Controlled Switch


Control any electrical device on/off on your smart phone
WiFi Lazybone

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set to the AP mode. So you can control it point to point even without a router.

Now we released LazyBone V2 support instantaneous function. You can set your Lazybone output a 100ms-20s pulse. It's can be used to control your garage-door or some other equipments.

Software Installation:

It has 2 basic version: Bluetooth and WIFI. And this is the WiFi LazyBone.  We provide free Android&IOS APP for you to control it. 

How to use the software:

1. Click the APP, if your phone WiFi is not open , it will indicate to open it.

2. Configure your Lazybone WiFi , Here is a Setting Guide.

3. Now can control the device on/off by press the on/off button displayed.



Instantaneous mode:

1. Click the Modes, You will entering mode setting page.

2. You can set the pulse time (100ms-20s). And turn on Instantaneous mode.

3. Back to main page, now you click the button it will have a pulse ouput. Turn on->keeping a while->release.

Cable connect diagram:

'LAZY BONE' has 2 kinds of working mode:

Self power mode:

Wireless switch:


We also provided a very simple command set for developer developing their own APP.  The Lazybone operates with an easy to use command set as described in the table below.



  • AC100-240 or DC5V working voltage.
  • Current rating of up to 10 Amp.
  • WiFi network remote control
  • Support Android: Above V2.2



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