Step-Up DC-DC 12~80V 10A

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Módulo de conversão DC / DC de 10-60V para 12-80V
Tensão de entrada: DC 10 ~ 60 V
Tensão de saída: DC 12 ~ 80 V
Step Up


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DC-DC Step-up / Boost Converter
Input voltage: DC 10 ~ 60 V
Output voltage: DC 12 ~ 80 V
Output Current: 10A Max
Input Current: 15 A Max (Under normal circumstances, 12A)
Minimum voltage difference: 2V
Output Power: 12V Max Input 120W, 24V Max 240W, 60V Max 600W (P = U * I)
Efficiency: 95% Max. (For example, input: 30V output: 40V 5A n: 93%)
Output short-circuit protection: yes
Inverse input protection: none
Size: 85 x63 x 64mm (L * W * H)
Weight: 251g


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