4x4x4 RGB LED CUBE Kit for Arduino - Keyestudio KS0177


This is a 64 RGB LED cube from Keyestudio and can be controlled by Arduino. You can use this cube to create a nice night light and even display color synthronised to music!

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keyestudio 4*4*4 RGB LED CUBE KIT consist of 64 RGB LEDs soldered in the combination of 4*4*4. It's then driven by ARDUINO. 
RGB LED CUBE emits a warm light, which is enjoyable for people of any age. 
You can also use it as a mood light, or create your own "ambient device" that gently notifies you of new emails or instant messages!

The RGB LED CUBE KIT is supplied as a partly-assembled kit:
The controller board is based on an Arduino-compatible 8*8 LED RGB Matrix driver board.
All RGB LEDs are soldered to the plane PCB, and tested okay. You just need to solder and assemble the 3D matrix.

The RGB LED CUBE KIT comes with a sketch pre-installed that runs through a test pattern.

For example, you could display:

  1. Weather conditions based on online weather service data
  2. Heart beat animation driven by a heart rate monitor
  3. Colour animations synthronised to music
  4. The water level in a water tank
  5. Whether your last software build passed or failed its tests
  6. A visualisation of how much power your house is using
  7. Notifications for IM and email
  8. A visual count-down timer for some event




  1. 64 RGB LEDs

  2. Simple assembly using a PCB frame

  3. 8*8 LED RGB Matrix driver board (Arduino compatible)

  4. 7-12V independent power supply

  5. Arduino driver library with example programs



Wiki Page


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