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Maker learning kit for Arduino starter with UNO R3 - Keyestudio KS0081


This Arduino learning kit contains a 400-hole breadboard, a black chassis. a set of 65 jumpers, plus you'll also get a manual with more than 30 projects!

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Want to have enormous fun? Want to DIY some projects? Want to be more  creative and more imaginative? Want your child to learn science while having fun? As long as you are willing to create, dare to experience new things, have a passion  for scientific experiments, this maker kit is your best tailored choice!

Maker learning kit is a DIY kit for scientific experiments based on Arduino.  Together with controller, sensors, electronic components, you can build different  DIY projects. It can not only enhance operational ability of teenagers, but also  develop their imagination and creativity.  Children who are into DIY can learn electronics, physics, science knowledge and  software programming while playing; teachers can use it to achieve innovative  teaching; makers can use it for design verification of product prototype.

KS0081 uno r3 CD (2)KS0081


Component List:

1x Arduino R3
10x LED - Red
10x LED - Yellow
10x LED - Blue
10x LED - Green
2x LED - RGB
20x 220 Ω Resistor
20x 100K Ω Resistor
20x 1K Ω Resistor
20x 4.7K Ω Resistor
20x 47K Ω Resistor
20x 10K Ω Resistor
10x 101 Ceramic Capacitor
10x 103 Ceramic Capacitor
10x 22 Ceramic Capacitor
10x 104 Ceramic Capacitor
10x 100uf16V Electrolytic Capacitor
10x 10uf16V Electrolytic capacitor
6x Button
3x Yellow Round Cap
3x Blue Round Cap
3x 4007 Diode
2x 8050 Transistor
2x 8550 Transistor
1x 1-digit 7-seg LED (small)
1x 4-digit 7-seg LED (small)
1x Dot Matrix (small)
1x 5V Relay
1x MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) tube
1x Crystal Oscillator
1x 801S Sensor
1x Highly Sensitive MIC
1x Rotary Encoder
1x DHT11 Temperature and Humidity
1x LM35 Temperature Sensor
1x Flame Sensor
2x Ball Tilt Sensor
1x 103 Thermistor
2x Photoresistor
1x 103 Variable Resistor
1x 4N35
1x NE555P
1x DS1302
2x 74HC595 IC
1x Active Buzzer
1x Passive Buzzer
1x Fan Leaf
1x Fan Motor
1x 9G Servo Motor
1x I2C 1602 LCD
1x USB Cable 1m
65x Breadboard Wires
20x Male to Female Dupont Line
1x 400-hole Breadboard
4x Round Head Screw M3*6MM
1x Chassis
1x Remote Control
1x Resistor Chip
1x Joystick Module
1x IR Receiver
1x PIR Motion Sensor
1x Button Module
1x TEMT6000 Sensor
1x Steam Sensor
1x Ultrasonic Sensor
1x Battery Case



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