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D1 mini Pro WiFi Arduino Development KIT NodeMcu Lua, based on ESP8266 - 15pcs

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Now the ESP8266 D1 mini v3 is no longer alone! 
If you like WiFi communication especially ESP8266 chips, you can not miss this kit that includes several modules such as sensors, button, LED, Display, Relay, protoboard among others. Ah! and you could not miss the respective ESP8266 D1 mini v3 to be able to program in an Arduino environment and develop your wireless communications and IoT projects.
This ESP8266 is also compatible with MicroPython and NodeMCU.
With integrated TTL USB converter to be able to program the WiFi chip directly.
From activating relays, reading sensors, controlling motors, the applications that we can implement with this mini microcontroller are endless! 
It is the ideal kit for IoT applications!

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