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Mbits ESP32 Dev Board based on Letscode scratch 3.0, Arduino


The Mbits board is based on the Micro:bit board but with some differences. With Mbits you will have increased RAM memory (from 128KB to 8M) and due to its ESP32 you will be able to connect your board to Wi-Fi. In terms of Software this board can be used with Arduino or Letscode and if you already have an expansion board for your Micro:bit you can use them on this new board as these two are compatible.

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Mbits is a pocket-sized microcontroller that has lots of features the same as Microbit V2. Mbits is an ESP32-WROVER-B based educational hardware suitable for kids to learn how to program and experience hot topics such as IoT and AI.

The Mbits board is 52*52mm in size. Continues the style of the edge connector on the bottom of the BBC Micro: bit. If you already own Micro: bit expansion boards. Mbits is compatible with Micro: bit expansion boards, which enabling users to easily start the project with no need for any other knowledge support.

Integrate many inputs and output hardware such as 25 full-color LED lights, microphones, buzzers, enabling you to create a variety of interesting interactional works. If you want to realize wireless projects, it is equipped with a 2.4GHz micro: bit radio and BLE Bluetooth 4.2. It supports two programming software-Letscode(base on scratch 3.0) and Arduino. 

Letscode is graphical programming software created mainly for the global needs of science and technology innovation education. With letscode, you can program by only dragging the building blocks with the mouse. It can help you learn the program of game design and robot control easily.








  1. Pocket-sized microcontroller designed

  2. Wireless connectivity with built-in 2.4GHz micro: bit radio and BLE Bluetooth 4.2

  3. Onboard MEMS microphone, speaker, 25 RGB LEDs

  4. Onboard accelerometer for motion sensing applications

  5. Notched edge connector for easier connections

  6. Dedicated I2C bus for peripherals

  7. Two programmable buttons

  8. Supports Lestscode (based on scratch3.0) and Arduino IDE



Comparison between Mbits and the Micro: bit(v2.0)

  Mbits Microbit(v2)
Processor ESP32 Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833
Memory 16M Flash, 8M RAM 512KB Flash, 128KB RAM
Onboard  MEMS microphone MEMS microphone and LED indicator
5x5 RGB LED 5x5 Red LED
Accelerometer Accelerometer
2 programable button 2 programable button
On-board speaker On-board speaker
Temperature sensor Temperature sensor
Edge Connector 25 pins. 3 dedicated GPIO, ADC,PWM, I2C, SPI and ext.power. 3 ring pins for connecting crocodile clips/banana plugs 25 pins. 4 dedicated GPIO, PWM, I2C, SPI and ext.power. 3 ring pins for connecting crocodile clips/banana plugs. Notched for easier connection
2.4GHz Radio/BLE WiFi & Bluetooth 4.2
2.4GHz micro:bit Radio/BLE Bluetooth 5.0
Power 5V via micro-USB port, 3V via edge connector or battery pack 5V via micro-USB port, 3V via edge connector or battery pack
Current available 500mA available for accessories 200mA available for accessories
Software Letscode, Arduino MakeCode, Python, Scratch
Size 5.2cm(w) x 5.2cm(h) 5cm(w) x 4cm(h)



Package List

  1. Mbits x 1


Wiki & External links

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  2. Letscode Software Download


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