Arduino Breakout para LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

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Este módulo de expansão Arduino para LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo é compatível com Arduino Yún (partilha o mesmo tipo de microcontrolador) e ainda disponibiliza concetores Grove para poder usufruir de todos os sensores e dispositivos da gama Grove.

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Arduino Breakout for LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo is an Arduino Yún compatible (share the same MCU model) and a Grove port feature expansion board for LinkItTM Smart 7688 Duo development platform. This breakout board allows you to use different features from Arduino Yún and LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo which will help you build rich applications based on various, robust and compiled Arduino sketches. This breakout board will save a lot of work and makes prototyping easier through simplified wiring. So it helps a beginner get a quick start. It supports serial buses like I2C, UART and provides access to reserved original pins of LinkItTM Smart 7688 Duo. It also comes with USB and Ethernet ports.


In addition, it also integrates several frequently used peripheral ports such as USB port, Ethernet port. LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo(a compact controller board) is an open development board, based on the OpenWrt Linux distribution, MT7688 and ATmega32u4. The board is designed especially to enable the prototyping of Rich Application IoT devices for smart house.


  • Arduino Shield Compatible,

  • 1 x Ethernet to connect to internet

  • 1 x USB 2.0 for more peripherals

  • Grove interfaces: I2C × 2, Analog × 3, Digital× 6, UART × 1

  • 4-pin debug port × 1, ICSP × 1

Application Ideas

  • IoT/Gateway Device.

  • Robotics

  • Smart multimedia devices

  • Teaching and learning


Technical Details

Dimensions 111mm x 53mm x 18mm
Weight G.W 83g    
Battery Exclude
Input voltage 5.0V(With USB Power port)
Operating voltage 3.3V
Debug port 4-pin debug port × 1
Grove interfaces I2C × 2, Analog × 3, Digital× 6, UART × 1
Ethernet Port Yes
USB Port USB Type-A
ICSP Port Yes

Part List

Arduino Breakout for LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo 1

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