Pack Parrot Educação 6 Drones MAMBO ADVANCED
  • Pack Parrot Educação 6 Drones MAMBO ADVANCED

Pack Parrot Educação 6 Drones MAMBO ADVANCED

1 298,37 €

A Parrot desenvolveu este pack educação com 6 Drones Mambo e vários acessórios com exemplos de aulas para poder ensinar programação com drones. Com este pack poderá rapidamente criar um clube de robótica, workshops STEM ou até mesmo um summer camp de forma simples e prática.
A Parrot adicionou ainda alguns autocolantes para poder decorar o seu tablet ou laptop :)


Se tiver alguma dúvida neste produto não hesite em contactar-nos.

*Atenção: as imagens são meramente ilustrativas.

Se tiver alguma dúvida neste produto não hesite em contactar-nos.

*Atenção: as imagens são meramente ilustrativas.

Pack educação avançado

Este pack educação é composto por:

6 Caixas MAMBO FPV:
 - 6 Drones Parrot Mambo
 - 6 Baterias HD
 - 24 Para Choques (4 por drone)
 - 6 clips
 - 6 Câmeras FPV
 - 6 Óculos cockpitglasses 2
 - 6 Comandos Flypad
6 Multicarregadores Power Pack
6 Baterias HD
6 Packs de Para choques x2
6 Packs de Hélices x4
6 Garras
6 Canhões
1 Tynker 10 Horas curso Drones 101 para 30 alunos
1 Educação Welcome Pack


Curso de Programação de Drones TYNKER DRONE 101:

  • 10 meses de acesso ao TYNKER DRONES 101 PROGRAMMING COURSE
  • Desenhado para aulas até 30 alunos com 2 interfaces:
    • O interface do aluno permite o acesso à programação, aulas e questionários (11 aulas e projetos DIY Faça Você Mesmo).
    • O interface do professor permite o acesso às aulas e monitorizar os resultados dos alunos.

Compatível com os Softwares:



Fly, code and learn with Parrot Minidrones and Swift Playgrounds! You will learn how to program and pilot your Parrot drone using the power of Swift code. You will code your drone to takeoff, land, move in all directions, make aerobatic figures, and even control accessories.
You will start with the basic commands, solve some puzzle and challenges, master advanced commands and learn how to program accessories. Finally, you will write some code to control the drone with iPad sensors!




Become an accomplished programmer using Parrot minidrones and Tynker’s intuitive visual programming language. Tynker is a creative computing platform where millions of children have learned to program and built games, apps and more. Tynker offers 2 interfaces:
The student interface lets you code and access lessons and quizzes
The teacher interface lets you assign lessons and monitor the students’ results.





Powered by Workbench platform, Parrot Flight School allows teachers to create, share and adapt projects to fit seamlessly into their everyday curriculum.
Additionally, the minidrones can be coded directly in a web browser.
Workbench is the only online hub where schools and districts deploy Project-Based Learning across all schools.




Minidrone-js is an easy to use drone library for the Parrot Minidrones.
This library is designed to support the two-way command communication protocol used by Parrot drones. It supports receiving sensor updates and sending commands based on the xml specification.





This interface was developed to teach kids (K-12) STEM concepts (programming, math, and more) by having them program a drone to fly autonomously. Anyone can use it who is interested in autonomous drone programming!




Parrot SDK will help you connect, pilot, receive stream, save and download medias (photo and video), send and play autopilot flight plans and update your drone.
This SDK is mainly written is C, it provides libraries for Unix system, Android and iOS.
It also comes with a drone simulator called Sphinx, which is intended to help you test your application before flying with your actual drone.