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Put your ideas into practice with the impressive new printer bq!

  • Large print on a home printer. DIN A4-size (21 x 29.7 cm) and up to 20 cm high.
  • Prints figures large size (20 cm) with multiple pieces at once.
  • Fully enclosed design that prevents accidental access during printing, minimizes noise and prevents the escape of heat.
  • Front door with locking system which makes it especially secure in environments where there are children.
  • With printing system inspired by the Fibonacci curve. Thanks to this system, the filament supply pipes are located inside the printer, and not protruding.
  • Allows you to create a network of printers and stack multiple bq Witbox one on top of the next days.
  • It has a variable air flow system that cools the plastic faster.
  • Printing with high resolution and detail level, with layers with an accuracy of 50 microns.
  • Can be used with open source software.
  • With CE certification and 24 month warranty, manufactured in Spain.


  • Dimensions and weight
  • Product Weight (Kg): 28.0000
  • Dimensions: Largo Ancho 505 mm 388 mm 450 mm High
  • Box weight: 28kg
  • Box Dimensions: 59cm x 47cm x 55cm

  • Box contents: SD Card 4 GB, 4 support legs, 1 kg of PLA 1.75 mm, 1.8 m USB AB cable, metal-roller door, spare HotEnd, 2 precision needles for cleaning, Allen 4 Keys , 2.5 and 1.5 mm, power cord, printer base, set of two keys, two side panels and a top, printed piece of test, calibration sheet, quick start guide and warranty.

  • Printing Features
  • Desktop: Size DIN A4 x 20 cm
  • Resolution of layers: High: 50 microns, Low: 300 microns, Media: 200 microns
  • Software
  • Software: Firmware pre configured Marlin Hosts compatible: Repetier, Pronterface, Healing, ReplicatorG Slic3r (recommended and pre-configured) Skeinforge, Hosts compatible Repetier, Pronterface, Healing, ReplicatorG, Skeinforge, Slic3r (recommended and pre-configured)

  • Electronics
  • Electrical system: Power Supply 348W
  • Connectivity
  • Connection: SD card reader, USB
  • Mechanics
  • General mechanics: Bars in hard chrome for X cars, Y, Z, Base tempered glass A4 *, cable tray Chains Igus, bearings Igus for X, Y, Z, Chassis painted steel powder, Igus Forks for Z axis with flexible motor coupling, moving parts and supports in painted steel powder, printing-based leveling system with 3 points and damping, quick-change print-based system with neodymium magnets

  • Extruder Measurements: Nozzle 0.4 mm to 1.75 mm filament
  • Extruder mechanics: the piece cooling nozzle, Extruder with own design
  • Extruder: Single

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