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4 Channel MOSFET F5305S Module for Arduino with optocouplers


The module is based on 4x FET model F5305S. We can input PWM signal to control motor speed, lightness of bulb, etc.


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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

FET module, input and output totally isolated from each other.
Signal trigger: digital high/low signal, can be connected to IO of micro-controller, PLC interface, DC power supply, etc.
The output can control high-power devices: motor, light bulb, LED light & strips, DC motor, small pumps, solenoid valve.
Input signal voltage: 3V~20V; Input current: about 5mA.
Output voltage: 5V~36V(Current: within 5A, Max. current is 20A. When current is over 5A, please add heat sink).
Input Signal: Voltage: 3V~20V; Current: 5mA 
Output: Voltage: 5V~36V; Current: within 5A
Item Size: 78x65x15mm
Item Weight: 52g
Package Weight: 54g
Package Included:
1 x Trigger Switch Module

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