• SMPS2Dynamixel


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- This device provides power from the SMPS to the dynamixel.

- Connect the SMPS(for CM-5) to the DC terminal and connect the dynamixel using the cable.

- There are two 3P connector for AX series and two 4P connector for DX/RX series mounted

   on the SMPS2Dynamixel. The power and communication line are all connected making it

  possible to play the role of the dynamixel expansion bus.

- When controlling the dynamixel with the USB2Dynamixel, power can be easily supplied to the dynamixel.

- Can be used by connecting to a proper DC terminal. Can be used according to the proper voltage of the dynamixel; however, the maximum supply voltage is 20V.

- A shrink tube is used to cover the circuit part to protect it from short circuit from metal




- SMPS2Dynamixel : 1 set




** Please use recommended voltage for every product. Using more than recommended may damage the circuit.


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